Supertemps Killed the President

Benjamin's Teleportation Test

This is about the adventure that took Jeff, Shannon, and Richard away from Mike’s adventure for about 20 minutes. First, Benjamin appeared and teleported Jeff to a jail cell. Jeff helped the current inhabitant of the cell escape and then followed him into a car. After sending Jeff away, Benjamin came back to get Richard. Richard tried to attack Benjamin, but Benjamin dodged and Neil Greeve shot at Benjamin, but he missed and hit Richard in the leg. Benjamin was able to teleport Richard to someone’s bedroom, but Richard managed to delay Benjamin from leaving for a few seconds. Benjamin teleported away and a woman came into the room and suddenly hugged Richard, saying, “Kitty!” The woman then noticed that Richard was injured and bandaged his leg. She went across the street with Richard and saved someone that was tied to a chair from another person holding a gun. They left the gunman in the house, but took the victim outside and the three of them entered a van that appeared. Richard transformed from tiger to half form while riding in the van. After he got away from Richard, Benjamin went to get Shannon. He did not expect her to be so resistant and blame him for Justin‘s disappearance. He promised to help her find Justin if she helped him, so she agreed to help. He teleported them outside a building and told her to get them inside. He took what looked like a glass bookmark from one of the offices and they went back outside the building before he teleported her somewhere else. They teleported outside a mansion-like house and the car with Jeff and the van with Richard also appeared within a few minutes. Benjamin told Shannon and the person that Richard helped save (apparently also a shapeshifter) to shapeshift into bodyguards so they could get through security. He put the woman that Richard had worked with in charge and teleported the man that Jeff had broken out of jail away. She thought that Shannon wasn’t doing a good job of getting through the security, so she walked in and started a fight. Jeff took a big hit from one of the guards, but managed to knock them out. He accidentally knocked out the woman, too, but the party managed to revive her and continue. They got to a room with a man who was going through some files. Jeff ended up incapacitating him, too, and the woman got the files the group was supposed to be looking for and they left. Outside, they found Benjamin and the woman gave him the file they had just taken. He burned the file in front of them and then teleported Richard and Jeff back where he had taken them from. Then he took Shannon to his organization’s headquarters to find Justin and teleported them to where the tracker that he had put on Justin’s cell phone was.



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