Gecko Man (DEAD)

A super with reptile-like powers. (Killed by a supervillian)

This Character is DEAD

ST: 13 HP: 13
DX: 16 Will: 17
IQ: 17 Per: 17
HT: 16 FP: 16

Basic Lift: 34 Basic Speed: 8 Basic Move:8 Dodge:13

Advantages and Perks
Acute Vision Level 1
Alternate Identity (Legal)
Boosted Reflexes
Breath Holding
Chameleon Level 1
Combat reflexes
Constriction Attack
Damage Resistance 1 (leathery scales)
Dark Vision
Enhanced Dodge 1
Enhanced Tracking
Extra Arms (toes) 2 (Foot manipulators, short)
Extra Basic Speed Level 1 (costs fatigue 2 when in use)
Flight (controlled gliding)
Infra vision (heat pits)
Nicitating membrane level 1
Perfect Balance
Peripheral Vision
Prehensile Toes
Subsonic hearing
Super Climbing Level 1
Vibration Sense

Disadvantages and Quirks
Charitable (12 or less)
Code of honor (gentleman’s)
Cold blooded (you stiffen up below 18 degrees)
Curious (12 or less)
Guilt Complex (responsible for death of another)
Honesty (12 or less)
Overconfidence (12 or less)
Pacifism (cannot kill)
Social stigma (monster)
Alcohol intolerance

Reaction Modifiers
Conditional +1 from “honesty” when honesty becomes known.
+3 from “honesty” when a question of honor or trust is involved
+2 from “overconfidence” when young or naive individuals
-2 from “overconfidence” when experienced NPCs
-3 from “social stigma (monster)”

Acrobatics 17
Includes +1 from “perfect balance”
Conditional +4 from “flight” when body lightening would help
Animal Handling (Reptiles) 16
Breath control 14
Camouflage 17
Climbing 19
Includes +3 from "flexibility
+1 from “perfect balance”
Conditional +4 from “flight” when body lightening would help
Cloak 15
Criminology (TL 10) 16
Detect Lies 15
Free-fall 15
Grappling and Pinning 15
Grappling and throwing 14
Karate 14
Knot-tying 16
Observation 17
Includes +1 from “acute vision”
Shadowing 16
Stealth 15
Conditional +2 from “chameleon” when perfectly still unless clothed
Conditional +1 from "chameleon when moving, unless clothed
+1 from “chameleon” when perfectly still and clothed
Streetwise 16
Wrestling 16

Arm Lock (grappling and pinning) 15
Attack from above (stealth) 13
binding (grappling and throwing) 14
Break Fall (acrobatics) 17
Choke hold (wrestling) 13
Disarming (karate) 14
Evade (acrobatics) 17
Roll with blow (acrobatics) 15
Timed defense (dodge) 11


Gecko Man (DEAD)

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