Justin Rogers

Alex's superspeed character


Has superspeed.

Is a full weapon master.

Specializes in tonfa and staff.

Likes being the ‘hero’.

He has been feeling as if he has been forced into a lot of things recently, especially into joining Neil Greeve’s supers group.

Hates Dr. Dreadson


He has one older brother and a younger sister. He never got along really well with his parents or brother, but he tried to protect his sister whenever he could. He ran away from home as a teenager when he started developing his superpowers. He hasn’t gotten back in contact with his family, but he wishes he could find out how his sister is doing. He had bad experiences with the first few supers he met after he ran away, so he is suspicious whenever he meets a new super. He has been looking for one of his high school friends that he heard also developed powers and ran away. He has ‘real-world experience’ and is fairly smart, but only has high-school education (reflected in his INT score).

Justin Rogers

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