Neil Greeve

Sherlock Holmes on a government paycheck



Neil Greeve does not remember much of his past. His earliest memories are of training exercises when he was about 24. For the next 5 years, Neil was trained and honed into crime-fighting machine. His keenly intelligent mind was fed massive amounts of information on criminology, cryptography, science, mathematics, psychology, and many other subjects. After that, he spent time in the field, at first doing routine investigations with local police and swiftly advancing to high-stakes national and international cases. He came to specialize in those cases that confounded the other government intelligence agencies, especially those involving supers. He was so successful in his early years that his superiors soon gave him a very free hand to investigate using whatever means he saw fit.

Personality Profile

Neil is highly intelligent. His memory is infallible . As a result, Neil is rather smug. He tends to think of himself as a higher form of life. During his earlier years, he tended to be quite callous, but, finding that it was much easier to get people to cooperate with him if he at least appeared to be nice to them, he usually assumes a more congenial attitude when he is around those he wishes to help him. He thinks of himself as the perfect reasoning machine, following whatever path is most logical and even assuming emotions merely for the sake of achieving goals. However, Neil does have a more human side to him that occasionally surfaces in the form of loyalty.

Neil’s moral compass has been molded by the government. As a result, he believes strongly in the “American Way” and in the righteousness of the law. Because of the nature of his work, he holds a strange double standard with regards to the law. He believes that everyone should obey the law exactly. Everyone, that is, except himself and those who, like him, must break the law in order to protect it. He is not above murder, theft or even acts which might be considered treasonous if he believes that he acts in the interests of his country. Neil knows no morals beyond the law and the good of the government. Though he is familiar with the teachings of the world’s major religions, and a good number of some of the more obscure and potentially criminal ones, as well, he does not believe that any religious belief is much better than any other. In his words, “I have arrested Christian ministers who were some of the vilest serial killers the world has known. One of the most successful smuggling rings I ever investigated was run entirely by Hindu monks. I have put away Muslims whose sole goal in life was to destroy the lives and property of the innocent. Jews, Buddhists, Atheists, and even Rastafarians have proven themselves to be the vilest of sorts. I cannot see that religion of any one kind helps men to uphold the law or to benefit their fellow men any more than a religion of any other kind save those which require violence as part of their observance.”

Neil Greeve

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