Uncle Sam


ST: 15 HP: 17
DX: 14 Will: 13
IQ: 13 Per: 19
HT: 12 FP: 12

Basic Lift: 45 Basic Speed: 7.5 Basic Move:7 Dodge:10 (medium encumbrance)

Advantages and Perks

Acute Vision Level 1
Animal Empathy
Combat Reflexes
Danger Sense
Eidetic Memory
Enhanced Dodge Level 1
Enhanced Parry (Bare hands) Level 1
Enhanced Reflexes
Extra Perception Level 1
Gizmo Level 2 (2 items per session)
Less Sleep Level 1
Luck (Rediculous)
Perfect Balance
Spirit of Battle
Telepathy Talent Level 1 (has talent, but has not yet discovered it see backstory)
Trained by a Master
Honest Face
Pants Positive Safety

Disadvantages and Quirks

Addiction (Tobacco)(Cheap, highly addictive; legal) -5
Charitable (12 or less) -15
Code of honor (gambler’s) -10
Compulsive Gambling (12 or less) -5
Compusive Generosity (12 or less) -5
Compulsive Vowing (12 or less) -5
Gluttonny (12 or less) -5
Gregarious -10
Overconfidence (12 or less) -5
Slow eater -10
Stubborness -5
Bowlegged -1
Habit (chewing tobacco) -1
Horrible hangovers -1
Nosy -1
Proud -1

Reaction Modifiers

Conditional +1 from “compulsive generosity” when from pious folks
Conditional +2 from “overconfidence” when young or naive individuals
Conditional -2 from “overconfidence” when experienced NPCS
-1 from “stubborness”
-1 from “compulsive gambling”


Animal Handling (dogs) 13
Animal Handling (equines) 16
Brawling (includes ‘enhanced parry: bare hands’) 14
Camouflage 16
Climbing (includes +1 from ‘perfect balance’ 15
Criminology TL8 15
Detect Lies (includes +3 from ‘empathy’) 19
Diplomacy 18
Fast Draw (Pistol)(includes +1 from ‘combat reflexes’) 15
First Aid TL8 (Near-Human) 13
Guns Tl8 (Pistol) 20
Guns TL8 (shotgun) 18
Immovable Stance (includes +4 from ‘perfect Balance’) 16
Lasso 13
Mimicry (Animal Sounds) 11
Stealth 13
Whip 13
Wrestling 13
Zen Marksmanship (Guns, Pistol) 14


Backbreaker (wrestling) 10
Double Eye-poke (brawling) 9
Dual Weapon attack (guns, pistol) 16
Fanning Tl8 (Guns, pistol, includes +2 from ‘gunslinger’) 18


Affectionately known as “Uncle Sam” by locals near his hometown of Livingston, Texas, Samuel Caywood remains something of a mystery. One thing everyone will tell you ‘bout Sam is that he’s a great lover of people. And really, of animals too. He’s a guy who’ll go out of his way to help just about anyone or anything in need. Maybe that’s why the people of Livingston tried to elect him mayor. But Sam declined, and the county clerk kept bringing up something about him not having the proper records either, whatever that meant.

Sam is a gambler, though, and though it was rumored that he once was fairly wealthy, he just lives out in a little shack off in the desert. Never really pays taxes, the feds tried to evict him twice, but to no avail. Even though Sam’s a great guy, he’s not afraid to fight for justice when he has to. But diplomacy is always his first course of action. Cost him a bullet through his favorite hat once when he tried to explain to his ex girlfriend why he’d sold her ‘oss, but that’s just the way he is…

Uncle Sam

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