Season 1 Recap: Includes the alien invasion, the first adventure trying to find Justin, and the President’s kidnapping.

Season 2 Recap Part 1: Includes the introduction of Neil Greeve and tracking down Justin in Oklahoma, tracking down the man who could shoot ice bullets and Dreadson’s death, and Thomas convincing the government to deport the supers.

Season 2 Recap Part 2: Includes government agents nearly kidnapping the girl at the hospital, fighting the metal man, invading Supertemps, and finding out who was behind the Supertemps invasions and the plane crash.

Season 2 Recap Part 3: To include the mission where everyone is trying to save Justin from the bomb, Ben’s side-mission, and the heist at Fort Knox.

Season 2 Recap Part 4: To include Neil and Shannon tracking down Christopher and the rest of the group trying to stop the assassination of Sen. Bill Ramsay, the mission in West Virginia, and finding the creatures in West Virginia and rescuing the members of Ben’s organization and fighting the assassins.


Supertemps Killed the President alstod