Supertemps was a way for supers to coexist with normal people without too much trouble. The supers would help with people’s problems and while they didn’t get paid much, it was enough to live off of. Then one of the supertemps employees killed the President and supertemps was disbanded. A wave of hysteria swept the nation and the population gladly supported the government’s plan to deport the supers to Lithuania, a plan that Thomas, a billionaire with his own agenda, paid the government a ridiculous amount of money to make happen.

A government agent named Neil Greeve has collected a small group of supers (Richard Jones, Justin Rogers, Shannon Davis, Jeff, Jonathan Silverman, Allison Lajih, and Samuel Caywood) that have agreed to work for the government on the condition that they will not be deported, but he has run into some problems including a few underground supers groups with their own plans and a manipulative mastermind that seems obsessed with him.

Supertemps Killed the President

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